8 tools TheLawTog has that you didn’t know you need

8 tools TheLawTog has that you didn’t know you need

Choosing what you need to protect and grow your business is overwhelming.

At TheLawTog® we have TONS Of tools from contracts to tax tools and business guides.

I want to share with you some business tools that were created just for photographers…but many of you don’t know about.   These are items that have arisen out of needs I’ve seen come through my inbox.

Many of you know, I’m the type of lawyer who wants to prevent issues.  I’m not really the “clean up on aisle 5” type of law friend.  The reason for this is – if you’re at the point of legal action from a client or scrambling to pay your bills- you’re spilling out time, money and energy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I bring you . . .the top 8 tools that I feel you should have in your photography business so you can spend more time photographing and less legaling (yes, that’s a word I just made up!).  Leave the legal stuff to me, friend!


1. Plan It – Business Strategy Planning for Photographers

Planning is overwhelming, scary, and just downright cumbersome.  But once you have it in order – you can make big things happen.

Whether you’re trying to use your photography business to earn a little extra cash or support a family, Plan It is the business strategy planning toolkit for photographers.

With 112 pages of expert content from an MBA and business expert who has helped thousands of photographers succeed – you have it all in one place to get yourself focused, planned and ready to roll!

However, this isn’t like other business books. I don’t just talk AT you. I’m talking with you.  Each chapter has an assignment and work to complete, so that it is tailored to what your business needs.


2. Privacy Policy Template

This policy is a legal document on privacy law that discloses the way you gather data, use and manage data of your website visitors and customers.

This is SUPER important to have if running any business online, ESPECIALLY if you are an online only business with a shop, etc. And if you ARE NOT gathering emails from potential clients, you need to be..but we’ll get to that in the marketing tools below!

It addresses privacy law topics such as:

  • What information is collected ( internet traffic data, cookies)
  • Customer/visitor personal information
  • Testimonials on site
  • Information collection, use, and sharing
  • Access to information
  • Security
  • Registration
  • Orders
  • Survey and Contests
  • and more!


3. BizRevamp® – Business & Legal Webcourse for Photographers

BizRevamp® is an online, six-week webcourse to help walk you through all of the important aspects to setting up and running a business.

  • How to set up a legal photo biz so you can stay legal and protect your assets.
  • A simple system to manage and file your taxes the right way!
  • The minimum insurance coverage your photo biz needs to give you peace of mind!
  • How to get a solid contract with no holes that covers yourself!
  • How to get smart and confident with your money and your prices!
  • A streamlined WORKFLOW that minimizes stress and maximizes your money-making potential!
  • How to generate more cash (even if you aren’t into in-person sales)!
  • How to create your custom business plan to finally reach your goals!


BizRevamp: The ONLY legal and business webcourse for photographers.


4. Payment Plan Bundle

Use payment plans as an “ace in the sleeve” way to make larger sales with your clients.  By having a payment plan contract, authorization to charge, and guidance – you’ll be set to start taking larger amounts of money while servicing your clients.  Includes a payment plan contract, credit card authorization form, mini-script, and invoice template.


5. Accounting Spreadsheet for Photographers

Get simplified and organized with this “more than an accounting” spreadsheet for photographers!

These spreadsheets went through a multi-level process between photographers, lawyers, and CPAs to get it right!  They also hold the key to viewing your business goals at a glance, as well as budget and expenses.

The download comes with 7 main spreadsheets that are already filled with formulas to allow for easy input in a few areas that will populate results for you to quickly view:

  • Inquiries
  • Client Information
  • Lifetime Customer Value (pulls from Client Receipts and allows you to see the sum total payments from a customer over the lifetime of your relationship)
  • Client Receipts (date, order, sales tax, cost of goods, sale amount, mileage)
  • Cashflow (income, expenses, etc.)
  • Income and Goals  (Year-view of goal sales, gross monies, net monies, goal sessions, number of photographed sessions, number of inquiries, converted inquiries, total mileage for easy tax deduction accounting)
  • Taxes (you enter state and federal tax rates, then automatic formulas pull from other areas of the spreadsheet to help you calculate taxes)


6. MarketingMadness – Marketing Webcourse for Photographers

MarketingMadness is an online, six-week webcourse to help walk you through all of the important aspects to marketing.  From getting you back to basics and through exercises that will stretch your understanding of your clients to creating and implementing strategies efficiently and effectively.


7. Album Design Contract

This bundle is designed to help those who sell custom designed albums to their clients.

Includes the following:

  • Album Design Agreement
  • Design Timeline and Recommended Resources
  • Product Delivery Agreement

Perfect for Boudoir and Wedding photographers specifically but works great for any type!


8. Oh Snap! Business Prevention/Readiness Kit!

Could you be in danger of losing it all?


Death. Divorce. Disability. Dissolution.

Introducing The Oh Snap! Toolkit, your everything-in-one-place resource for covering your photography business’s assets.

Download this kit and you’ll be able to:

  • Stop worrying about what’ll happen to the business if something goes wrong in your personal life
  • Go on vacation or let an assistant run things while you’re away
  • Get all your ducks in a row if you ever want to sell
  • Have a much better time picking up the pieces if there’s a natural disaster— no second guessing or stone left unturned when it comes to insurance, your equipment, your files or your equity
  • Move forward without starting from scratch if there’s a blip on your business’s radar
  • Save money and time


Newly added:

BizForm – A Business Formation Guide

Setting up your business with the proper knowledge of legalities and strategic choices is of real importance to the protection of your photography business.

There’s tons of recommendations and half-information out there that can lead you astray.  Here at TheLawTog® we work with clients in our private legal practices consistently – whether helping them set up their business or help to fix a DIY situation.

With BizForm, a business formation guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make smart and strategic business decisions for your photography business formation.

We understand that it is probably best to talk to an attorney about doing this for you – but with this guide, you will learn how to form your own business and make the decisions only you, the owner, can make.

Also, it gives you an idea of questions to ask an attorney PLUS it can (potentially) lead to a smaller legal bill in the end!

Should you not want to go the route of hiring an attorney, the guide will equip you with the information needed to file your own formation paperwork with the proper state government.


BONUS: Product Delivery Agreement

This agreement is to be signed by clients upon acceptance of products.   It binds and reminds the client that by accepting the products all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Currently FREE – download here 





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