Building a Successful Website for Your Business (With BlueHost)

Building a successful website starts with a great host. My host of choice is Bluehost* – if you’re looking to set up a professional website for your blog, working with Bluehost couldn’t be easier!  This tutorial is for use with BlueHost so it may not be applicable to your current site – I share this because I’ve had great success with them.


Step 1: Choose the plan that best suits your needs: PlansStep 2: Either claim your brand-new domain name or transfer your existing one3-Domain Registration

Step 3: Enter the package information that best suits your needs 5-Choose Plan
Step 4: Enter your account information

4-Contact Info

Step 5: Enter your billing information6-Billing Info

Final Steps: Install WordPress
7-cPanel9-Install WP

10-WP Login11-Installation

That’s it! With WordPress Installed you’re ready to roll! I’ve really enjoyed working with Bluehost for all of my hosting needs. Check it out to see how they can help you!

* Affiliate links are included in this post.

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