Conquer Your Photography Business

Whether it is the beginning of the year or the middle – you can conquer what you need done.  The best day to start?

Today. Every day.  

I struggled to find planners and pages that would help me focus on the goals and direction instead of mindlessly entering actions into calendar dates without any true plan or direction.

Enter ConquerDocs – the 237 page conquer-the-day-document-kit!

I’ve been using a scribbled form of these for years – and decided to translate into printable fashion to help others.  This is great for all photography business owners as they are geared towards the nitty-gritty of business goals, actions plans and keeping track of benchmarks.  

Strategic planning will help you conquer your photography business!

These docs come set by calendar month but are undated by day so you can use them over and over again each year.  


The ConquerDocs include 237 documents including:

  • Planning for the Year sheets
  • Yearly Calendars (currently 2015 and 2016)
  • Yearly Checklist for Sales Tax
  • Yearly Checklist for Income Tax
  • Yearly Benchmarks (Goals and Actuals)
  • Yearly Benchmarks (Business – Inquiries and Sessions)
  • Yearly Benchmarks (Marketing – Newsletters, Blog posts, Partnerships)
  • QuarterlyBenchmarks (Goals and Actuals)
  • Quarterly Benchmarks (Business – Inquiries and Sessions)
  • Quarterly Benchmarks (Marketing – Newsletters, Blog posts, Partnerships)
  • Monthly Calendar spreads by the each week with accompanying notes and checklist section
  • Cost of doing business tracking
  • Editorial calendar 
  • To-do lists
  • Notes pages




Conquer your business here

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