Accidents Happen: How to Fix a Client Relationship

Have you ever done something and think the client relationship is ruined?  Maybe it made you look unprofessional or hinders the client experience?  

A few weeks ago I posted on the Facebook page asking how your business was going – I reached out a few people and some highlighted that accidents had happened during their relationship that they felt weren’t handled appropriately – resulting in negativity.    So here it is, getting transparent in this video with my own personal downfalls to help you guys not make the same mistakes!

Here’s the cliff notes but I know you’re gonna want to hear my uncensored experiences in the vid!

1. Apologize – An apology will never hurt. Be sincere and genuine
2. Check your contract – Does it say anything about how to fix this?
3. Extend a gesture – Consider added time to session or an extra client gifted paired with another apology
4. Reevaluate your workflow – Make sure it doesn’t happen again!


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