What is your photo biz weakness?

What is your photo biz weakness?
It’s tough being a business owner…
…it’s even tougher when you have absolutely no idea why things are so hard when you’re overwhelmed.
You know the saying – you can’t see the forest for the trees.
Right now, you’re sitting there completely lost int he woods and can’t see what you need to improve on. Or if you think you do, how confident are you in that choice?
TheLawTog® team has been working away at creating a FREE evaluation tool and follow-up (free) resources to help identify weaknesses, give action tips and then walk you through how to implement that plan.
We have identified top business weaknesses that many of y’all are facing and we want to help that.
It’s commonly thought that TheLawTog is only about legal – but guess what? Rachel – and our team – are a wealth of knowledge!
From business planning, to strategic marketing, through pricing and sales ….and of course legalities.
Let us help you….
Here’s what you do:
+Fill out the tool and get your results (It’s quick!)
+Watch the first results video
+Schedule time to either binge the remaining videos or wait for them to come to inbox (they’ll be daily this week!)
+Make a plan
+Get Rachel’s guidance


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