I’m just happy to be alive…

I’m just happy to be alive and well.  I’m just happy to be my kids mom still.  I’m just happy to be here writing this.  This month marks my fifth cancer remission anniversary so I guess I can finally say “I’m CURED!”

In 2005, while pregnant with my first son, I found a lump in my throat.  At the age of twenty I still had the mindset that I was invincible and didn’t need to get it taken care of. At the time that it was found it was actually labeled a pre-cancerous tumor.  That year my husband deployed for his second deployment of four to Iraq, had a new born baby and was still working my way through undergrad at the University of Texas.  So I ignored it. How stupid now that I look back. What was I thinking? In 2007, after my husband’s 12 month deployment, he forced me to go to the doctor. I did, and it was cancerous now. It must be removed through two surgeries and a radiation treatment must be done.   My husband was away at school with the Army and I was blessed enough to have my mom come stay with me as I was quarantined away from my son during this time.  I’m going to spare ya’ll the gruesome pictures of my neck incision and just share with one of my favorite (yes point and shoot) pictures from around that time.

Today is the anniversary of being cancer free. I’m just happy to be alive.

May 2007- The week of my radiation treatment rendering me cancer free!





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