Why Out-of-Office Messages Are Killing Your Business (Video)

Did you know that your “efficient” out-of-office message may be killing your business? Unless you’re legit out of office for an extended period of time you could be shooting your biz in the foot. Check out the reasons why here!


“Hi! You’ve reached my business. I’m not available to respond to you right now, so I’m going to send you this annoying little message back to your inbox.” Let’s look at and talk about the effect that autoresponder, out-of-office messages could be having on your business because maybe you’re driving away more clients than you realize.


Did you know that you could be alienating your clients or potential clients that you could have by having this out-of-office message that automatically replies to clients? I mean, let’s think about it for a second. It’s one more unnecessary email that’s going out.

A lot of people fall into this idea of thinking that hey, an out-of-office message will inform the client that I’ve received their email, and that I’m going to respond, but guess what? That’s common sense.

I surely hope that if I’m going to take my time to email you and inquire about your business, that you are a) going to receive it. Technologically does happen, but the assumption is that you’re going to receive it; and then b) that you’re going to reply to it. Why do I need one more annoying email in my inbox that I’m simply going to click and delete and waste my time looking at for you to tell me you’re going to get back to me later, when that’s the whole idea of me contacting you in the first place.


So not only are you alienating potential inquiries and clients that you already have by not getting back to them in a timely manner and instead having an automated process do it for you, it takes away this whole idea of custom portraiture and custom services if you’re going to use something that’s autoresponding like that.


Honestly, it doesn’t matter how tailored that email may be, everyone knows that out-of-office messages are simply auto-generated. Unless it really provides concrete information right then, what is it doing for you? Nothing. It’s alienating clients and it’s not really helping you, the business owner, be any more efficient because what does it change for you? Nothing. You’re still going to have to respond to the email later, so all you’re doing is filling the inbox of the people that are trying to reach out to you and receive a personal connection with junk.


Not to mention you’re also conditioning these people to delete your emails, your potential business, because you’re sending an out-of-office message that says nothing other than I received your email and I’ll get back to you. Well, duh. But you’re teaching them, at this point, to delete your emails. That’s going to be the impulse that they have every single time that that office message comes back to them. Every single time that an actual email comes from you to them, with important information, you, the business owner, have conditioned them to a) feel like it’s a waste of time; and b) delete the message. That’s not really the conditioning that we want them to have, right? We want them to be engaged with us.


And lastly, if you’re totally disagreeing with me on everything that I’ve said so far because you are so overwhelmed with email, consider alternative options that can actually provide a hands-on experience for your clients and inquiries. Maybe you need to outsource your emails or you need to rearrange your day so that you’re able to get to emails in a quick and timely manner. There is no reason that you need to have that auto email go out, alienate clients, waste their time, waste their energy when you could set aside two times a day to send email. I recommend you do it first in the morning and then at the end of the day. Your schedule may be different.


Everyone’s business is going to be different, but the client psychology and how people feel when they receive an out-of-office message that is essentially worthless does nothing but alienate them and drive them away. So is it worth it to you to send out this junk mail in order to let them know you’re going to get back to them when that’s a given anyways? Is your business really worth it when there’s other steps that you could take in order to rock it and get those clients feeling good, instilling buyer confidence, and get those inquiries in the door.


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