Present Commercial Photography Quotes Professionally

When seeking Commercial Photography jobs such as headshots, environmental marketing images, or product shots, the proposal of your pricing and details should be outside of plain old text.  

Commercial licenses are often quite a bit more of an expensive investment than standard portraiture, for this reason (and others) they demand a white-glove approach. 

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This 17-page, fully-editable commercial proposal template wraps all business language, fee schedules, expectations, assumptions and other important information in a nice-to-view and easy-to-read package for others to make a quick and confident decision in your professionalism and photography expertise.

More than a template, it is also a guide to help you work the commercial aspect of photography, particularly for headshot and marketing images.

Comes with:

  • All commercial verbiage for use
  • 17 photoshop template pages
  • Layers for easy editing
  • Clipping masks for easy insertion of photographs

Pages include:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Scope Outlined
  • Approach Outlined with Timeline Graphic
  • Project Management Outlined
  • Pricing Outline
  • Feed Scheduled Outlined with Timeline Graphic
  • Project Assumptions Outlined
  • Requested Images Outlined
  • Examples of Work Pages
  • Contact Page

How to use:

  • Open in Photoshop
  • Input your Information
  • Input your Images
  • Deliver to client
  • Get booked!

Commercial Photography Proposal Template

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