Rapid Strap Review – Photography Strap for Women

The Deets

Elle Strap for Women

The BlackRapid Elle R-Strap is designed by women for women.  With a unique design, this strap contours to a woman’s shape for a more comfortable fit.

• Topside Material: Polyester with Ballistic Nylon (Ballistic) or Flocking (Floral)
• Underside Material: 0.6 cm thick Foam Pad with Knitted Mesh
• Width of webbing: 2.5cm
• Hand/machine washable, air dry.

Length152.5cm   |   Width6cm (widest)


The Review

Rapid strap is great for being able to rest your arms/hands and have a place to hang while working hands-on with a client (posing, demonstration, carrying a wedding dress).  My favorite aspect of the strap is that it is a cross-body strap so that there is no wear on the neck and easily hangs on the hip – a great relief after hours of shooting a wedding or long sessions.

I personally use the Women’s strap to help fit between the chest folds to allow for a comfortable and sturdy hanging.

There are two drawbacks for the Rapid strap for me – but are mostly user-error.  The first is that when having the camera hanging to the waist/hip area – there is potential for knocking the camera into a wall or other surroundings (hellooo lens hood thank you!).  The second is the attachment the strap leaves me paranoid it will come unhooked as it screws into the bottom of the camera.  This just requires to ensure the camera is screwed on tightly.

I’ve had this strap for 4+ year and have never needed to replace it or any pieces – nor do I have any damage to myself, clients or equipment.


The Pictures

women's rapid strapjpeg

Images by RapidStrap


Learn more about Rapidstrap here (also found on Amazon)



Rapid Strap has not sponsored this post.  This is just a review from an interested individual wanting to share 🙂

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