Review: SleekLens Lightroom Presets

This review is on SleekLens Lightroom Presets.

From the “About Us” section on the SleekLens website: 

“We are a team of photographers and designers who have been working with photographs for over a decade and combined, we bring over two centuries of experience to the photography arena. Our belief is that we can always do better and that is why we are always pushing to create new and unique Lightroom presets.”

The team at Sleeklens sent me three separate presets. I’ve included the description from their website for each of the presets below:


High Contrast Presets

This preset package is developed to bring out the natural colors of any photo. Light up your images and make them shine with this big bundle of High Contrast presets. Take your photography to a whole new level with the High Contrast Lightroom Presets backed by the iron-clad quality guarantee of Sleeklens’ photographers.


Golden Hour Presets

Capture the glory of the morning or evening sun with the Golden Rush Hour Lightroom Presets bundle. This package is made up of 20 Professional Golden Hour Lightroom Presets developed to make your photos shine like never before. Enjoy presets such as: Into The Sun, Faded, Dreamy Haze, Ultra Sharp Sunlight and many more. Take advantage of some of the best presets in Creative Market backed by the assurance of our team of professional photographers.


Black and White Presets

This bundle is a collection of 20 Black and White Lightroom Presets created to give your photographs beautiful and realistic looking B&W effects. Some of the presets included in this package are Addgrain, Film, High Contrast, Low Contrast, UltraSharp, Vignette and so many more! These presets have been created specifically for you by our team of professional photographers who have been working with different effects and presets, especially black and white ones, for a long time.


The Review

I took a look at all three presets and I have to tell you, I’m impressed with how easy their setup makes each one to use. I could see all of these being a great asset to photographers of all skill levels. The Sleeklens website also has a great step-by-step guide and how-to video that walks you through the entire process of installing the presets so there’s no guesswork involved! 

I was particularly interested in the black and white presets as I am often seeking a way to quickly batch process all of my processed images into a B&W format with minor tweaks. I will talk mostly about that preset because I spent the most time looking at it, and it is definitely my favorite.

First, I will tell you that as a normal Photoshop user, I was worried about checking into Lightroom as I felt it was “taking away” control of the process. That said, I’ve used Lightroom for touchups in the past so I jumped right in.  The way Sleeklens has everything broken down makes it quick and easy to apply the preset, adjust, and done.  


I took clean-edit images and previewed the presets before applying.  This is a big change from being in Photoshop.  Once an action in Photoshop is run, you have to undo, delete or start completely over.  

With this Sleeklens preset, I just clicked over the preset folders in Lightroom and I was able to see a preview of the effects before applying.  The best part is, once I’ve adjusted the preset to fit my exact liking, I can save the settings and apply the same adjustments to all other images in the same gallery. 

I was really happy with the results and this is definitely going to be my go-to for black and white presets! Super quick and easy!


The Pics


Learn more about Sleeklens presets on the Sleeklens Facebook page



Sleeklens provided the presets for this review. 

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