How to Make a Watermark Brush

This is only ONE of the many methods to protecting your art is to embed copyright.   For more posts on copyright law check them out here!

Obviously this is not a full-proof way to safeguard but every bit helps.  Is this going to stop people from screen shots or removing the watermark? No but it can work as ONE of MANY safeguards to protecting your pictures.


This tutorial is for Photoshop but variations may be used for other programs.


How to Put a Watermark On a Photo from Rachel Brenke on Vimeo.

Rachel Brenke is a photographer, lawyer, business consultant and social media marketing strategist based out of El Paso, Texas.  She has helped over a thousand photographers start up, market and maintain their businesses through online eWorkshops1:1 consulting and the free resources on her blog.  

She has been nationally published in magazines such as Senior Style Guide, Chic Critique, and Lemonade and Lenses.  Her blog feature line up includes Bridal Musings, Something Navy Weddings, Style Cusp, Capitol Romance, and a few others!  In 2013 she will be speaking at the WPPI 2013 Convention on pricing, business and marketing.


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