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Real Biz Accelerator

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Many entrepreneurs get into business with a purpose - to serve others and self. This desire is a huge catalyst but it only carries us so far because creating a real business requires strategic planning and action. You can’t bypass needed...

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Many entrepreneurs get into business with a purpose - to serve others and self. This desire is a huge catalyst but it only carries us so far because creating a real business requires strategic planning and action. 

You can’t bypass needed strategies with trendy tactics. 

That’s what is thrown at entrepreneurs on a daily basis. You’re conditioned to believe if you just try Tactic X, then you’ll be on your way. Wrong.

These are no shortcuts in the marathon of creating a business and fulfilling your purpose. 

So, when you start feeling overwhelmed and stressed out because the initial results start waning, you don’t know what to do. This is because the key strategic foundations were never put into place. 

You will not have the real business and real life you want if you're jumping from tactic to tactic.

Introducing the Best Program Ever - Real Biz Accelerator.

RBA is a 3-month experience that walks you step-by-step through my 8-Strategic Systems. You will learn everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs know.  From strategy, branding, business workings and you can work less and make more money!

During your RBA experience you'll achieve:
Freedom: The goal is FREEDOM. Financial. Physical. Mental.......because your business should be a supporting actor to your life- not your whole life!
Step-by-step Directions: In RealBiz Accelerator, you’ll take a dive into my exact, step-by-step processes and guides that my teams use to create multiple 7-figure businesses.
Strategic Business: You’ll develop a structure so that every action taken in your business will give you at least three positive and impactful returns
Strategic Planning: Having a solid business plan will provide you the roadmap to build the strategies and tactics learned within RBA. You will begin with a deep-dive into the past, present and future goals + plans for you business and life.
Real Biz Basics: To build a real business, we get back to the basics…but with a twist. By walking through my exact deep-dive process every year, I’m able to leverage my businesses forward with less action and more return.
Branding & Marketing: The creation of a story brand accelerates the returns on marketing actions by cutting through the noise and reaching directly to the person you are trying to serve. This allows for a quick trajectory in audience expansion, avatar service and financial reward.
Real Legal: Creating a business and brand that serves is amazing but it does nothing for you if you haven’t protected it. Taking the proper steps can keep you out of legal hot water, owning your brand and focused on your business.
Key Performance: An often overlooked area of running a business is the brainstorming and development of business strategies. Too often entrepreneurs want to just work IN and not ON their business. You’ll be walked through the proven methods to help you elevate to strategic owner and not succumb to mistaking busy-ness for business.
Real Teamwork: Navigating the world of expanding your team can be stressful. I will hand-hold you through the processes in hiring, outsourcing, delegating, managing, on-boarding, off-boarding, performance improvement and more.
Real Biz in Action: It's one thing to be the face and content creator of your business - it is another to truly assume the role of CEO.  Most don't know the difference - this is where I will show you both sides - especially if your biz face & CEO are all you!
Financial Freedom: Development of proper financial tracking, strategies and planning to create a financial freedom plan for business and life.
Real Life: It's easy to run a successful business when you have no life.  But this defeats the entire purpose of my Real Biz + Real Life mission. I will share my exact-steps to achieving success in both!

With RBA you'll receive:
-3 months of group coaching with Rachel Brenke
-24/7 on-demand access to training videos
-Downloadable fill-in-the-blank worksheets
-Exclusive accountability group


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It can be overwhelming to run your own photography business. From contracts and release forms to intellectual property law, the complexities are intimidating.

As a team of lawyers and photographers, we know what it's like.

And we don't want fear of the unknown keeping you up at night.

That's why we offer affordable photographer contracts and education tailored to professionals just like you. Our team of lawyers and photographers at TheLawTog® develop, review, and approve every contract.

We think this is a pretty awesome combo—legal expertise and photographer know-how.

If you're afraid of client disputes and potential liability, you're not alone. Business conflict is time-consuming, expensive, and harmful. Which makes it essential to protect your work.

Protecting your business with clear and comprehensive contracts is non-negotiable. Whether you're starting out, shooting for free, or an experienced professional, legal protection is extremely important.

Every contract template we provide is easy to edit and should be tailored to reflect business policies and laws in your state.

While you can obtain a contract through a non-photographer lawyer, it may not be the best choice. Since our templates were created by—and for—photographers, they are typically more comprehensive. And cool news, they can save you money.

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Real Biz Accelerator

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